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Transporting a wounded man out of rough, mountainous country on horseback requires a high degree of skill and ingenuity, The Red Cross Mounted Corps has ample amounts of both. In fact, they are so liberally endowed with ingenuity that the members have turned inventive. One of their outstanding achievements is the development of a special type of stretcher to be used in transporting wounded persons by horseback. So successful is this invention of the Mounted Corps, that Army experts are interested in it, and are considering adopting the Mounted Corps' horseback rescue methods.

"Finding a stretcher that can be successfully used on horseback has long been a difficult problem. We are proud to have developed this method which can easily be used by a unit of six girls--and which can even be managed by four, in an emergency," said Eloise Heller, captain of this smooth functioning Corps. Captain Heller is assisted by Adjutants Katherine Wesson and Lillian Malinowsky.

Sixty expert horsewomen make up the Mounted Corps, which is an Auxiliary of the Red Cross Motor Corps. All members of this unit have passed standard and advanced First Aid tests as well as horsemanship tests. The purpose of the Corps is to find and transport wounded in the event of accident or warfare in country which cannot be reached by motor.